Turning ideas into atmospheres


CROWN DESIGNS develops prototypes and mock-ups in a process that is constantly shared with the customer to define the most functional technical solutions and determine the most attractive materials.


Our technical department reviews the drawings and creative
concepts to achieve perfectly functional engineering solutions.
An excellent carpentry and metalworking result can only
derive from an innovation-driven approach and highly refined
technical skills


CROWN DESIGNS’ highly skilled craftsmen range from millworkers to carpenters to metalworkers. Apprentices grow to become fully independent in their tasks over a three-year training period, and the entire workforce attends at least 80 hours of professional training per year.

The finest quality is assured by our total control of the value chain, which means that CROWN DESIGNS completes the creative, engineering, and manufacturing phases at its own facilities. All raw materials are sourced based on the presence of one or more environmental sustainability certification.


CROWN DESIGNS’ logistics team coordinates transportation to any location and assembly within the most challenging deadlines.

By tracking each delivery and ensuring that the product arrives according to the project timeframe, CROWN DESIGNS coordinates on-site work, ensuring that the delivery and installation phases meet and even exceed every expectation.


The project managers at CROWN DESIGNS ensure the highest production quality along with constant and effective communication with the client.

Our project managers ensure product and process quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction, with no room for a less-than-perfect results.


CROWN DESIGNS works steel, brass, and iron with both gloss and satin finishes to beautifully complement luxury environments.
our facility, we also perform brass bluing and acid-based finishing/etching to further improve the atmosphere of each residence, hotel, retail store, or showroom.